Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jazz Take What NBA Schedule Gives

The Jazz beat the Memphis Grizzlies 118-94 (boxscore) Saturday night and accepted the gift that the NBA schedule periodically provides - and that is a home game on a back to back night for both teams in a match-up that the home team would be a solid favorite on neutral site with ample rest anyway. You could see this one coming - and I did, predicting Utah to score over 115 points and win by more than 15 points.

The Jazz continue to use turnovers to fuel a great deal of their offense. Utah has scored over 100 points in 6 of 7 games this season, and used 25 Memphis turnovers to easily surpass the century mark again. The Grizzlies spread around their inefficiency - as 10 of the 12 players who played, had one or more turnovers. Talk about playing hot potato.

The things Memphis has done in the past to hurt Utah were non-existent. A game committed working Gasol in the post? Nope, Gasol only scored 11 points on 3 of 8 shooting. Mike Miller bombing away from the parking lot? Nope, Miller did have 12 rebounds, but only fired twice from 3-pt range and missed them both. Damon Stoudamire turning back the clock again for another big performance? Nope, Damon only played 11 minutes and contributed more turnovers (4) than points (3). Memphis obviously looked tired, but based on a one game evaluation - I have no idea who they are or what the are trying to accomplish yet.

Something I thought in the past - that still seems to make some sense: The Jazz and the Grizzlies could change nicknames. Don't get me wrong, the Jazz have built a reputation and history with their nickname, so it won't ever happen. But, it would make some sense. With Beal Street in Memphis, there is a lot more Jazz music there than in Salt Lake City. And forget about Grizzlies - the only bear you are likely to see in the state of Tennessee would be at the city zoo.

The Jazz get one more very winnable home game against Sacramento Monday night, and then begin a stretch of 6 out of 8 road games. If you want to read ahead on the Sacramento game, I think the Sactown Royalty is one of the better blogs on the Kings.

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