Thursday, October 28, 2004

Utah Jazz Blog, Initial post

I think a story that best describes my feelings about the Utah Jazz, centers on the answer to the question you could ask my wife: "When have you seen him the happiest?" Surely, you'd expect answers like when children were born, buying our first house, graduating college or something similar. She would say the night Stockton hit the shot against Houston sending the Jazz to the finals for the very first time. I danced around the coffee table, drank a bottle of champagne (by myself), and breaking only to call everyone I knew and yell into the phone "woooooo".

I'm a long time Jazz fan. I moved to Utah when they did, and I sorta grew up with them. I remember the Salt Palace, which sold out only when the biggies came to town. Initially that was the Lakers, Celtics, and 76ers. I remember draft days, when names like Stockton, Malone, and others were announced. I remember when it was easy to get near the players before a game and as a result talking to Jordan when he was young rookie on his first appearance in Salt Lake. I remember the non glamourous players of the early years, including Ben Poquette, John Drew, Rich Kelley, Jeff 'the franchise' Wilkins, Mitchell 'JJ' Anderson, and Jerry Eaves. I remember the guys who carried the load too, Darrell Griffith, Mark Eaton, Adrian Dantley, Thurl Bailey, and Ricky Green.

I will attempt to blog and report on the 2004-2005 in the way only a true homer would. But also, I know their history, and the journey they've been on is very much apart of this team. It's corny, and maybe not a popular opinion, but I'd rather lose with the right guys, than win with the wrong ones. Hence, as long as Sloan is in charge, the right type of old school, non-selfish players will be the norm. The fact that they not only play the game the right way, but also win is truly a great thing.