Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sometimes talent is enough

Jazz start slow, and Denver's talent takes advantage with a 97-87 victory.

The Jazz starters had a tough time getting well, started. Denver jumped out a 9 point first quarter lead. The Jazz reserves led by Mehmet Okur (Memo), Matt Harpring, and Raja Bell battled back to make it interesting. In the end, the overall talent of Carmello Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Andre Miller, and little 5'5" Earl Boykins was just too much.

There was actually some fun talent on the floor in Denver. Some fun names to say as well. Including: Nene, Mello, Raja, and Memo.

Speaking of talent. Talent isn't always enough to succeed this league. When they debate how much of the game is mental and how important it is, you can always site Carmello Anthony's performance on Tuesday night as exhibit A. He is a young player that just reacts and lets his natural talent carry him. On this night it carried him to 25 points. As for the mental part of the game? Anthony had his shorts on backwards and when he finally noticed, he decided to pull them down and turn them around right there on TV and in front of the home crowd. More cerebral players might not have decided to fix the problem in the same way. They might not have had the issue in the first place. Other players might have even been embarrassed or knocked off their game because of it. A more cerebral player might have done a lot of things different. Carmello on the other hand posted 25 points and one of his better games of the season. It was however, pretty funny.

The Nuggets who have struggled with consistency this season looked pretty solid. They still miss Voshon Lenard's outside shooting, but when they are playing hard they have many of the needed pieces to play with anyone.

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